Ward Guard System (Cloud Intelligent Solution for Sanatorium)

AS-5000 Ward Guard System Control Panel

AS-5000 Ward Guard Control Panel:

ECloud technology: monitor facility anytime / anyplace by mobile

EHigh integrate functions needed in ward to simply daily duty

ELocal Siren and remote SMS/email for notification

EMaximum 8 camera, no dead zone

EAuto software upgrade from web for update function

EIntegrate 6 major need of ward: Video Surveillance/ Access control/ Nurse call / Accident alarm / Indoor Air Quality


EDM Download (PDF)

AS-5000 (All in One Design)


All in One Design:
A CP perform 5 major functions. By Internet, supervisor can get information from cell phone in any time, any place.


AS-5000 Parts (Video Surveillance)


Video Surveillance:
Local display at nurse station. By cell phone get the live view.

AS-5000 Parts (Nurse Call Button)


1.Patient actives call
2.Over door indicator lit
3.Zone indicator lit
4.Corridor show call location number and chime
5.Nurse approach patient and service
6.Alarm cancelled by push cancel button
7.Beside Call Button
(Extend push button): LED lit when call
8.Bathroom Call Button (extend pull wire): LED lit when call
9.Corridor LED display (3"(76.2mm)height) :Normal show current time, show bed number when patient active call.
10.Cancel button: In nurse station. LED will lit for any call, push button will clear all Calls . In Zone, LED will lit only call at this zone, push button will clear the Call at this Zone .